A Rough Ride to the Future

A Rough Ride to the Future is a Lovelock book which discusses humanity’s role in maintaining the Earth during this period of extensive climate change. As usual his writing is framed within his Gaia theory and is designed to provoke discussion.

The Revenge of Gaia

The Revenge of Gaia is a scientific book by esteemed scientist James Lovelock which discusses the effect human activity is having on the planet and what (if anything) can be done to halt the damage we have already caused. Lovelock proposes radical theories that contrast markedly with ‘traditional green’ thinking as well as forecasting in stark detail what may occur if action is not taken promptly.

The Greening of Mars

The Greening of Mars is a science-fiction tale written by James Lovelock and Michael Allaby that tells the story of how humans colonised the Red Planet. What sets this ‘story’ apart from other novels in the same genre is how the exact processes of transforming the planet to a livable condition are richly detailed, using technologies that were perfectly viable at the time of publication (1984).

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