Gaia’s Warrior – Robin McKie, science editor of the UK’s Observer newspaper, interviews James Lovelock for Australia’s G: the Green Lifestyle Magazine, July / August 2007 issue. “In the 1960s James Lovelock was an eco-pioneer; today he’s a firm advocate of nuclear power. Meet the independent thinker who is never far from the intellectual fray … “ Article available as PDF file (500KB).

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Kyoto2 is a framework for an effective second Kyoto Protocol designed to constrain human emissions of greenhouse gases within a fixed cap and raise funds for mitigation, adaptation and economic transformation away from fossil fuel dependence. Kyoto2 proposes to control fossil fuels at the point of production, by the sale by auction of production rights to fossil fuel producing companies under a global cap.

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The Geological Society, of which James Lovelock is a member, and recipient of its Wollaston Medal in 2006.

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