A Rough Ride to the Future

A Rough Ride to the Future is a Lovelock book which discusses humanity’s role in maintaining the Earth during this period of extensive climate change. As usual his writing is framed within his Gaia theory and is designed to provoke discussion.

Rough Ride to the Future Front Cover Positive reception

As with other Lovelock works, he puts arguments on climate change forward in prose that both laymen and scientists can understand. A Rough Ride to the Future also strikes a gentler tone than many of his previous materials, which gives an impression of hope despite the book’s title.


Perhaps due to the brilliance of many of his previous works, the main criticism that can be applied to A Rough Ride to the Future is that it does not build substantially from his previous titles, such as The Revenge of Gaia. Lovelock’s independence as a scientist is reflected within his writing as some claims within the book would appear to be unsupported. However this is likely to be intended to stimulate debate within climate science rather than being accepted as wrote fact.


A Rough Ride to the Future

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